One thing amazing about the Republican Cult is how easily they are able to get everyone in line for something to be scared about.

Last election it was brown people, and the result was Treason Trump—“anointed by God.” This election it’s socialism, and they have made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez their “monster” to be afraid of. With her they get a three-fer: they can continue their fear of brown people and top it off with a fear of uppity women and socialism.

Obviously, Fox News has used their cult wrangling ability to make socialism the bogeyman, and their viewers have responded with a mass letters-to-the-editor campaign. In my local newspaper, one of the many cultists wrote, “They want us to be their workers, so they can take all our earnings, leaving us with nothing. They start by taking your guns, teach socialistic Common Core to your children, change history and dumb everyone down so they are so stupid they can no longer think for themselves and don’t know anything.”

How ironic that the most ill-informed letter-to-the- editor writers are those who claim others are “stupid.”

If Republicans want to demonize socialism, that’s their business. But if they had any ethics at all, they would first give up socialism themselves. Yes, Republicans following the marching orders on fearmongering socialism must immediately stop using the interstate highway system, public schools, the fire department, the police department, and return all their Social Security and Medicare benefits. Then, and only then, can they bitch about socialism with dignity.


Ha! A Republican with dignity—that’s a good one.