A news story in this morning’s paper reports that the Trump Administration has pledged financial support to states to start arming and training teachers. Aside from the plan being insane, I object to paying for the guns and training with my tax dollars.

Republicans managed to write into law a provision that made sure that they never had to pay for abortions, which they pretend to object to, so why should I have to pay for a wacky plan that anyone capable of thinking logically objects to? If the government absolutely must arm little old Mrs. Beasley, let the NRA and a tax on guns and ammunition pay for the training!

If the Republicans and the NRA weren’t using this as an opportunity to sell more guns, they’d give teachers bear spray instead. Bear spray doesn’t require training, and would actually have a better chance of being effective against a shooter. But no! This isn’t about saving lives. It’s about keeping the political donations coming and propping up the micro-phallic compensator business!