There’s no point in holding back: Republicans are gullible and stupid! In this morning’s Missoulian, Montana Republican State Senator Albert Olszewski accused the Democrats of holding our military ransom for almost a decade.

How much money do we need to give our military? We already spend more on defense than the next nine most powerful countries combined. But hey, it sounds good to go after Democrats for not shoveling more money at the biggest money waster the world has ever known, and Republican leaders know that fetish patriots get-off on being upset at any alleged disrespect of our military. When you have no ethics, it’s easy to make up shit to keep the crackpots engaged.

In a related issue, earlier this week Laura Ingraham of Fox News told LeBron James to “shut up an dribble,” because the Cleveland Cavaliers star dared to talk about politics. Similarly, Ingraham wrote a book, “Shut Up and Sing,” because she was upset about musicians getting political.

Republicans love Laura Ingraham and savor her words as if they came from an actual human being. But did it ever occur to them just how incongruous and moronic it is of them to believe sports and musical entertainers should shut up, when their demigod, Ronald Reagan, was an actor, and their “ordained-by-God” president, Donald Trump, was a game show host?

There is absolutely no doubt that historians are going to look back at this era and call it the “Golden Age of Right-Wing Cultism.”