During the past month I have been working from 4:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night every day, putting the final touches on my new book Time Is Irreverent. Consequently, I’ve had very little time to pay attention to the news. I now have a bit of a break, as I just sent my manuscript to Florida for final copy editing.

Therefore, I’ve had a chance to take a peek out at the world. I see nothing has changed: White ammosexuals are still using assault rifles for their intended purpose (killing large numbers of people), and the NRA is still using the Republican Party for their intended purpose (offering thoughts and prayers while sacrificing human lives at the altar of campaign donations).

I think I’ll seal myself back into my red writing room and get started on my next novel. Let me know when America actually lives up to that greatest country in the world claim again. Oh, wait. . . . What am I saying? We are the undisputed greatest country in the world at senseless mass shootings. Yay, America! We’re #1!