Republican issues, based on what politicians and voters write in newspaper op-eds and letters to the editor:
1) Nothing is more important than preventing undeserving people from getting something they didn’t earn (except for us, of course).
2) Any protest not intended to support our eroding white rights or Donald Trump is either violent, unpatriotic, or both—and those thugs must promptly vacate America.
3) Money and corporations are more important than Planet Earth and our children’s future.
4) God is a Republican, and Republican Christianity is the one true religion of peace. Those who question our beliefs, or dare say “Happy Holidays,” will feel our wrath. God loves guns, by the way—especially AR-15s.
5) The police and our military are perfect. Anyone who questions them is either a thug or is aiding and abetting the enemy. Such traitors must immediately proceed to Guantanamo Bay.
6) We are the majority! We are the persecuted!