As of today, Republicans have rescinded the longstanding policy of allowing the media to ask questions of coming and going senators in hallways at the Capitol. Now reporters must get permission from the Senate Rules Committee before asking a question. I could go on a rant about how this is just one more step toward a Republican-led tyrannical government, but in this instance, I think the Republicans are doing the right thing.

Obviously, there is some sort of contagious disease affecting Republican politicians—from Donald Trump’s temper tantrum syndrome to Greg Gianforte’s body slam syndrome. Frankly, their alternative facts cult is totally out of control. With no grasp on reality, any Republican politician could snap at any moment and punch, choke, body slam, or, as Trump has suggested, “shoot someone.”

So please, rather than getting upset with the Republicans for once again behaving like fascists, let’s give them some understanding here. These politicians are walking talking pressure-sensitive landmines! Keeping anyone with a thought-provoking question away is simply for the asker’s own protection. Republicans are just too dangerous outside their own bubble.