Review bombing is a common practice of conservative Christians—especially on Amazon and Goodreads. This vile practice involves posting deceptive or 1-star reviews on books and movies that inspire their hate for anything liberal. I first experienced review bombing with my “Time Is Irreverent” trilogy. In fact, one time I had to file a complaint with Amazon, because a large number of review bombs were coming in from a connected group of people who had obviously not read the books. This was not the Christianity I grew up with. Instead, it’s the hateful, vindictive brand of Christianity that has become the dominant form of that religion in America.
I mention this today, because I just read a review bomb for “Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds” that confused me at first. The review said: “Its just a little unbelievable that they are flying around in this timeship with an automatic doctor device that can cure just about anything and they never even consider using it to cure one of the main characters issues. But I guess the author has a different view point since they never considers what is such an obvious thing to do.”
After reading the review, I wondered what the reviewer was talking about. None of my protagonists had any ongoing “issues” that the auto-med unit needed to cure. Then it hit me. Nellie Dixon, my female protagonist, is a lesbian!
How fucking hateful some people can be!
That’s why I’m releasing my next novel, “Doctor Refurb,” on September 18, to kick-off Banned Books Week. If the Christian Taliban is going to review bomb the book, I’m going to capitalize on it. Although I’d rather have good reviews, controversy sells. And when normal people read that the villains in “Doctor Refurb” are abusive missionaries, molesting Catholic priests, and genocidal Christian residential schools—all based on historical fact—they’ll understand just why conservative Christians are so actively engaged in review bombing the book.