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The Bison Roll

Marty’s photos of the day #3718: I shot this series of bison photos during our first day in Montana’s American Prairie Reserve. Our tent, at Buffalo Camp, was a two minute walk away.

I thought about attaching speech bubbles to the photos, but ultimately decided they would detract too much from the scene. Instead I will type them here:

1) “Hey, human. Watch this!”

2) “Oh, yeah! Yeah!”

3) “Just a little to the left.”

4) “How’d you like that, human? Pretty graceful, eh?”

As you read my posts this month about Deb’s, Nellie’s, and my adventures in Montana’s American Prairie Reserve, please take a moment to take a stand for the APR and bison on BLM land. Public comments are due by September 28. Don’t let greedy ranchers (who vote Republican because they hate socialism yet benefit greatly from “rancher welfare”) stop this amazing project. Filing a comment is easy. Although customized comments are best, you can file the pre-written comment on APR’s page in less than a minute. Click and help restore bison to their rightful home!

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