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New York City stories

Marty’s photo of the day #3511: I took this photo of New York City several years ago, when I was on a college speaking tour. My soon-to-be-released humorous memoir, Hits, Heathens, and Hippos: Stories from an Agent, Activist, and Adventurer, features several stories that revolve around New York City, including my trips there when I was shopping rock ‘n’ roll bands to the record companies, nearly blinding a woman when I accidently nailed her in the face with the heavy glass Benjamin Franklin book award I had just won, and later being scolded by my wife for doing something in Times Square that no one should ever do.

The Kindle version of Hits, Heathens, and Hippos: Stories from an Agent, Activist, and Adventurer went up on Amazon for pre-orders earlier this week, and it promptly became a #1 Hot New Release in four categories and a #2 Best-Seller in one category. Because of that unexpected fast start, I’m moving up the publication date for the Kindle, paperback, and audiobook versions to later this month (it’s currently set at March 15). If you order the Kindle version now, it will be delivered to your device the second it’s published. Here’s the link:

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