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Happy National Dog Day!

Marty’s photo of the day #3352: Today is National Dog Day, so of course I have to feature a photo of Nellie. We adopted Nellie from the local animal shelter, and she is approximately nine months old. During the three weeks we’ve had her, Deb and I are in agreement on two things: 1) No dog has ever made us laugh so much. 2) No dog has ever made us say “Ouch!” so many times.

Yes, she’s a very active and very affectionate dog. We are spoiling her greatly—and the same goes for my sister-in-law and my son and daughter-in-law who have shipped Nellie gift-boxes. Lately Nellie’s been getting more packages from Fed-Ex and UPS than Deb and I have. But that’s okay. We’re all just making up for Nellie’s first nine months, which I suspect were a bit rough. So for Nellie and all the other animal shelter adoptees out there: Happy National Dog Day!

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