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Trump and the unholy wall he is building around himself

When I think about the Christian church I grew up in and compare it to American Christians of today (at least the conservative ones), it is like night and day. The change can be traced back to the 1980s and Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority.” From there, the unholy alliance between Republicans and conservative Christians took off—and there was nothing moral about it. Now, of course, that unholy alliance extends to Donald Trump—the most dishonest, despicable person to ever occupy the White House. And Trump knows just how to play these Christians. What does he do on the day the U.S. House formerly sets the rules for impeachment? He brings on televangelist Paula White as an official member of his administration. Why? Because without Christian support, Trump loses his presidency and almost certainly gets convicted of multiple crimes. Yes, though Trump knows less about the Bible than your average Buddhist, he knows that conservative Christians are the biggest suckers of them all. You might say he’s building a Christian wall around himself.

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