Don “K” Kaltschmidt, the chairman of the Montana Republican Party, has a blistering guest column in Montana newspapers this week. In that column, he accuses Gov. Steve Bullock and other Democratic state leaders of not reflecting the state’s “values” by supporting the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

While it’s laughable that any Republican would speak of values, I had no idea that lying, cheating, sexual assault, encouraging other countries to interfere with U.S. elections, abandoning allies, profiting off the presidency, insulting world leaders, buddying up to dictators, bigotry, tax breaks for the rich, money laundering, and poisoning the environment were “Montana values.” Republicans, on the other hand, obviously value such things—and I was glad to see the chairman of the Montana GOP go on record for Trump to prove it. Now it will be much harder for Montana GOP leaders to say, “I never knew or supported the man,” when Trump goes down in a rage of flames.