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My deal for Trump-Christians

Well it happened: Donald Trump has officially offered his thoughts and prayers for this weekend’s mass shooting victims. And as you know, prominent Christians, such as Pat Robertson and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have publicly stated that Trump was “God’s choice” for president—and millions of conservative Christians have agreed.

If Trump was indeed sent by God, he certainly has a lot of pull with the deity—almost like Jesus did two thousand years ago. Therefore, we can fully expect all those killed in the gunfire to be up and walking around any minute now.

So I have a deal for all those who believe in Trump: let me know when the first shooting victim rises from the dead and I will stop advocating for Australia-style gun laws and even stop mocking you. However, if no one rises from the dead, you must admit that your cult is dangerous to life on Earth and that all your pro-life ranting is really just a tall stack of bullshit.

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