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Politically correct gone wild

Marty’s photo of the day #2897: I frequently rant about conservatives, but today I’m going to rant about liberals. Specifically that small segment of vocal liberals who are so whiny and so PC that they make me want to puke. Here are some examples:

Not too long ago, I booked my client, Emmy nominee Naomi Grossman, to speak at Western Washington University. Her speech, about how the media treats disabled people, was shouted down by students protesting the fact that Naomi was an able-bodied person who portrayed a disabled person in the TV show American Horror Story. Oh, the horrors!

Yesterday, a story broke about Khloé Kardashian having to deal with the backlash of being guilty of cultural appropriation, because she posted photos of herself with her hair in cornrows. I never thought I’d defend a Kardashian, but declaring it no longer PC for white women to wear tight braids just gave white women who voted for Trump another excuse to vote for him again.

Being reasonably PC is terrific; respecting other cultures is splendid; the Black Lives Matter movement is fabulous; and the Me Too movement is marvelous. The problem is that what starts out as a good thing frequently gets pushed to the extreme. Trigger warnings and micro-aggressions are two examples of such bullshit. Can’t these macro-sensitive people understand that they’re hurting their own cause by turning everything into a federal offense? We’ve already lost Senator Al Franken to overreaction, and the circular firing squad is now aiming at Joe Biden and other Democratic presidential candidates. The Hyper PC Police need to pull the sticks out of their asses! All they are doing is giving ammunition to the Republicans.

Today’s photo is of my wife, Deb Essen. Her hair is in cornrows, because when we were in Zimbabwe the nice lady standing next to her braided it for a few dollars. Just try and tell me that Deb is guilty of cultural appropriation. You won’t like my response!

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