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Happy Birthday, Deb Essen!

Marty’s photo of the day #2665: Today’s photo doubles as a Paul Bunyan-sized Happy Birthday to my wife, Deb Essen.

When I took this photo of her, a while back, we were just having fun. In today’s light, it’s actually political. Melania Trump is infamous for appearing in photos that are incongruous for the occasion: visiting flood victims in high heels, wearing a “I really don’t care” jacket to visit children ripped from their parents, and gardening in clothes without a spec of dirt on them, etc. The difference with Deb is that even though she is posing dressed up with an ax, she actually knows how to use one. Hell, she’s even cut down trees with a chainsaw. In other words, unlike Melania, there is nothing disingenuous about Deb. Happy Birthday!

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