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Martyman and the great banana bread adventure

I’m pretty much the Anti-cook. Luckily when my lovely wife, Deb, leaves Martyman and me home alone, she also leaves us with a big pot of soup. Or, as is the case this week (she’s at the Convergence Conference in Reno), she left us a giant bowl of crab salad. Unfortunately, five days of crab salad can get a little tiring.

This afternoon, Martyman revolted and declared, “We’re having banana bread for dinner tonight!”

“Okay,” I said, “as long as you make it.”

Long story short: Things were going just fine until Martyman turned the mixer on too high. Then, once the bread was in the oven, I helped with the cleanup and realized there were no egg shells in the sink.

“Doesn’t the recipe call for two eggs?” I asked.

“Oh, shit!” Martyman screamed. He pulled the hot pan out of the oven, added the eggs, and mixed too fast again. I hope Deb doesn’t look at the ceiling when she gets back.

God only knows what we’ll have when Martyman pulls the loaf out of the oven thirty minutes from now. We’ll report back after dinner.

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