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Global warming deniers don’t want you to know this

Marty’s photo of the day #2332: When I speak at colleges, this is one of the photos I use when discussing global warming. Disingenuous Republican global warming deniers use the ice cube example to “prove” that the melting ice caps won’t raise sea levels. In that example, you fill a glass full of water and add ice. When the ice melts, the water level in the glass doesn’t rise. That’s true. But it’s also a great example of how the Republican cult leaders mystify their unthinking folowers: the reason the water level doesn’t rise is because the ice isn’t on land.

Now look at this picture of the coast of Antarctica. If you look closely, the ice goes up and up—all the way to the top of the picture. Antarctica is huge! (Note the boat full of people in the foreground.) And, most importantly, there is land underneath all that ice. So, if that ice melts and dumps into the ocean, it’s goodbye island nations; goodbye coastal United States!

But hey, Republican-led fossil fuels corporations and their Republican investors will make a fortune in the meantime. And Republican voters believe that making tons of money is much, much more important than the long-term survival of our planet.

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