Marty’s photo of the day #4653: Nellie is back! As many of you know, Nellie had TPLO surgery on her left rear leg on November 1. That surgery involved removing her cranial cruciate ligament, refitting the bone in her knee, and holding everything together with a metal plate and six screws. It’s her “bionic leg.”

As of a few days ago, the surgeon has given Nellie his release to be a normal dog again. She was so excited to run off-leash! The last thing before everything is 100 percent back to normal is to move our mattress from the floor to the bed again. Because of the height of our bed, we’re going to wait two more weeks for that, just to be sure. Besides, after sleeping on the floor with Nellie for more than three months, I’ve found that I kind of like it.

So far Nellie is only doing about Warp 4 with her new bionic leg, but on her first day off-leash she briefly engaged Warp 9, with the intention of escorting a deer to the edge of her territory. Fortunately, she immediately stopped when Deb and I screamed in a panic, “No!” Nellie may think she’s ready for Warp 9. Deb and I, on the other hand, aren’t ready to watch her do it yet.