Marty’s photo of the day #4553: I’m back in Montana after two performances of “Around the World in 50 Minutes” on two Davidson-Davie Community College campuses (in North Carolina). Both shows went great and both drew way more people than the college expected, so it was happiness all around.

After yesterday’s show, I drove straight to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, arriving early, so that the rental car company wouldn’t charge me for an extra day. That meant a four hour wait for my flight, and then I had a two hour layover in Minneapolis, extended by an additional hour when Delta Airlines had an unexpected aircraft change. In all, I spent fourteen hours either in airports or on airplanes. I arrived in Missoula at 1:30 a.m. and then had an hour drive home—through a blizzard.

Fortunately, I am in the midst of writing my eighth book, “Barry and Beth,” so I got a ton of writing done and the time went fast. “Barry and Beth” is going to be such a cool book! The best I’ve ever written.

Today’s photo comes from my college show. This is eyeball fungi, photographed on the island of Borneo. According to my backpacking guide from the Iban tribe, eyeball fungi is eatable!