Marty’s photo of the day #4337: Greetings from Parsippany, New Jersey. This morning I had a five-hour drive from Saranac Lake, New York. My original plan was to take a detour through the Catskills to do a selfie in front of the “Steiner Mountain Resort” (Scott’s Family Resort in real life) for all The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fans who follow my posts. But when I ran a Mapquest, I learned that the detour would add almost three hours to my drive. Hey, I’ll drive a half-hour for a funny selfie, but three hours is just too much. Therefore, today I’m settling for a photo of me performing Around the World in 90 Minutes at Santa Rosa Jr. College in California a few years back. (Thanks to Kitti Homme for this photo.)

I don’t have a show tonight, so instead I’ll have a conversation with my lovely wife. While I’m on a ten-day speaking tour, covering New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, Deb is on a nine-day, three-city, weaving teaching tour in California. We’ve been apart many times before, but never on the opposite sides of the United States. With me being in the Eastern Time Zone and her being in the Pacific Time Zone, finding a time when we are both free and awake takes some planning.

Tomorrow I break from college shows and instead perform a family show at the Trailside Nature & Science Center in Mountainside, NJ. That means simplifying and cleaning up my language a bit, but the family shows are often fun and generally great for book sales.