Marty’s photo of the day #4353: Greetings from Cortland, New York! Tonight I perform the last show of my Northeastern United States Tour, at the State University of New York Cortland (SUNY Cortland). The last show of a tour always gives me mixed feelings: I’m sad that the tour will soon be over, but excited to get home to my wife and dog. My wife, Deb, has been on a two-week tour herself, teaching at weaving guilds in California. Since we are on opposite sides of the country, time zones and presentation schedules have made phone conversations difficult to coordinate.

And then there’s our dog, Nellie, who has been in the kennel for two weeks. Since Deb gets home today, and I get home tomorrow, Deb gets to be the hero to rescue Nellie from the kennel. Of course, when Deb and Nellie pick me up at the airport, Nellie will naturally think I spent the last two weeks locked up in the Missoula International Airport Kennel. So she’ll be cool with that.

Thanks to Facebook friend/professional photographer Kitti Homme for this photo of me performing Around the World in 90 Minutes at Santa Rosa Jr. College in California a few years back.