Marty’s photos of the day #4118-4120: This week I’m taking a break from wildlife photos to post some of my favorite concert photos. Today’s photos are of . . . “Do I have to say his Name?”

On November 28, 2012, Deb and I took our son, Sean, to see Bruce Springsteen at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. For this concert, I was a little late on purchasing tickets, so we were directly opposite the stage, which was fine for watching, because of the big screens, but not so great for photography with my little pocket camera. Since I really had to push my camera for these shots, I’ll make up for the lack of quality with quantity and post three photos.

Bruce was amazing, as usual (I’ve seen him a half-dozen times), and it was extra special to give our son the “Springsteen experience” before The Boss slowed down.