Marty’s photo of the day #4065: In celebration of President Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act today, I dug up this photo of Deb and me at a Jon Tester campaign rally in 2018. Deb and I have known Senator Tester for years, and he campaigned with Deb when she ran for the Montana State Senate. Tester also went to bat for me when the FCC fined Essen Communications Corporation $20,000.00 for failing to fill out a new form they never told anyone they had to fill out. In that instance, he not only got my company’s fine removed, but also those assessed to many other independent telecommunications companies who were in the same situation.

Sure Senator Tester is more conservative than most Democratic senators are, but he’s not Joe Manchin. He stays close enough to the center to get reelected in conservative Montana, but when the Dems need him for important issues like protecting a woman’s right to her own body, health care, and the environment, he’s always there.

Regarding the Inflation Reduction Act: I think it’s hilarious that Republicans are having a fit that the name of the bill doesn’t accurately fit the primary purpose of the bill. Always the hypocrites, Republicans have conveniently forgotten that they have longed misnamed bills, such as George W. Bush’s Clear Skies and Healthy Forests Restoration acts. To me, this shows that the Democrats have finally learned that to defeat the Republicans they must occasionally fight like Republicans.

Thank you to both President Joe Biden and Senator Jon Tester for supporting women’s rights, health care, the environment, and the historic Inflation Reduction Act!