Marty’s photo of the day #3685: For wildlife photography, my camera of choice is my Canon DSLR with a 300mm telephoto lens. But it’s not always convenient to carry around that somewhat heavy lens, so I always have a pocket-sized camera nearby too. A few months ago I bought a Panasonic DMC-ZS100, which is part of a new generation of small cameras with a larger image sensor. The camera is awesome and actually rivals my DSLR in certain situations. The thing about the Panasonic camera is that it can be a simple point and shoot, or it can be an incredibly complicated camera with every feature you can imagine. The manual is over 400 pages long! I’m still learning all the things the camera can do.

What does that have to do with today’s photo? I was sitting in the chair of my outdoor office, reading about various camera settings, when I noticed the sun hitting Deb’s herbaceous begonias on the porch railing. I squeezed off a few test shots, fully expecting to delete them after I saw the results of the setting changes. Instead, I did the opposite. Sometimes even test shots are keepers.