Marty’s photo of the day #3555: One of the ways dogs are like humans is that some are afraid of heights and others are not. I’ll never forget, many years ago, when Deb and I rented a Forest Service lookout tower in northwestern Montana. Our Labrador retriever climbed right to the top, but I had to carry our shaking golden retriever up the long, open stairway.

This past Saturday, Nellie joined Deb and me as we did a photo shoot for Deb’s updated/expanded supplemental warp weaving book, which will be re-released with a new publisher. On the far side of our property is a huge old tree that toppled, but still stretched six feet high, parallel to the ground. After Deb carefully laid out her weaving projects for the outdoor shoot, Nellie came running up the tree. Since Nellie’s only been with us for seven months, we’re still learning about her. Obviously, she fits in the unafraid of heights category.