Just thirteen more days left until Trump and his cult are forced to seek shelter under the rocks from whence they came. While I appreciate that Mitch McConnell and other Republicans came to their senses yesterday, that doesn’t change the fact that up until that moment they goose stepped side-by-side with the worst, most evil president in American history.

In a way, I’m kind of glad the Trump-mob did what they did yesterday. Not that I’m glad for their crime, but I’m glad that it woke up a few in the cult and it will all but guarantee that Trump can’t make a comeback in four years. Also, I think the chances of Trump being tried and convicted of a serious crime have increased tenfold. As Richard Nixon and George W. Bush demonstrated, American presidents are never prosecuted. Now, Trump may become the exception. Even if he were to somehow rehabilitate his image, he can’t make a successful run for president if he is in a federal prison, with Rudy Giuliani as his cellmate.

Also, once again, America and the world got to see the stark difference in how law enforcement deals with an angry white mob compared to how they deal with black protesters. There is no doubt that if it were blacks—not whites—storming the capitol, the deaths and beatings at the hands of law enforcement would have been off-the-charts. Yes, overall cops are still a racist bunch, but maybe, just maybe, some of the good cops will now feel freer to speak out against their own.

The good news is that yesterday the Dems won control of the Senate! Yes, just thirteen more days and America can at least start crawling back up the hill of ethics and civility again. Until then—hold on! It’s gonna be wild.