After four years of hate, lies, crimes, and treason from Donald Trump and his ilk, watching right-wingers attempt to manufacture controversy about Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their families seems not only hypocritical but banal. Obviously, Hunter Biden is going to be their new Benghazi. (Apparently Democratic parents are responsible for what their children do, and Republican parents have no responsibility for their children whatsoever.) And now the far-right feels it necessary to tear down Jill Biden for earning a doctorate. (Yes, right-wingers prefer that first ladies be plagiarizing strippers, not smart people with advanced degrees.)

Last night on Fox News, Tucker Carlson went after Dr. Jill Biden, claiming she was “borderline illiterate” because her PhD dissertation had “typos everywhere, including in the first graph of the introduction.”

I have written six books, so I happen to know a little bit about writing. I looked up Dr. Biden’s dissertation and the typos Carlson referred to were “socio-economic” and “drop-out,” which should be closed, not hyphenated. That said, there’s not a writer in the world who hasn’t made a similar mistake. Even editors overlook such errors. And technically, they aren’t typos. For instance, the Collins Dictionary lists both “dropout” and “drop-out” as correct as well as “socioeconomic” and “socio-economic.” Yes, some words have more than one correct spelling, and they don’t all have to be in Webster’s Dictionary.

Not a day goes by that right-wingers don’t demonstrate that they are the most pathetic subspecies (or sub-species) of the human race.