While I believe Joe Biden is going to be an outstanding president, I’m actually more excited about Kamala Harris as America’s first woman vice president. She was the candidate I wanted and donated to at the very beginning of the primaries.

As someone who has traveled the world and speaks at colleges about how people around the globe have more in common than they realize, I couldn’t help feeling the opposite about America while watching Kamala’s speech last night. I knew that while I (and millions of others) were getting all choked-up listening to her story and that we were finally going to have a woman vice president, at the same time millions of right-wing Americans were seething—making comments about her appearance, her name, her voice, that they believed she was a communist, etc.

I admire Joe’s goal of bringing our country back together, but I don’t know if it’s possible. These mostly-white-evangelical-Christian right-wingers still haven’t given up on comparing Michelle Obama to a gorilla. How can so many on the right have so much hate for Michelle and Kamala? Or just hate, period? Fortunately, the rest of the world is more open-minded. Michelle has been the most-admired woman in the world for years, and I suspect Kamala will gracefully hold that title from now into the foreseeable future.