Last night’s presidential debate was hard to watch, but from a strategic point of view it was a thing of beauty. Donald Trump had set-up Joe Biden to be a senile old man, just as he had previously set-up Hillary Clinton to be a woman with Parkinson’s Disease. That Biden more than held his own against the Orange Crybaby has totally eliminated that narrative from this point on.

While some may disagree with me on the job Fox News moderator Chris Wallace did, Wallace didn’t have the power to turn off microphones and that Trump pushed him around a bit only made Trump look unhinged. Wallace asked good questions (finally one on global warming!), and the talking heads on Fox News are going to have a hard time claiming that Trump came off as a blubbering asshole because the moderator was unfair to him.

Other than the Cult of Evangelical Christians, which will stick with Trump to the end, it was clear for everyone else last night who is better equipped to be the President of the United States. This sets the stage for next week, when Kamala Harris gets to play with Mike Pence like a cat plays with a mouse.

Sure, we should all be disgusted that the world had to see that embarrassing display last night, but it’s the results that matter—and Trump lost ground bigly.

The Orange Crybaby is toast! The only question now is how many Republican politicians will be pulled down with him.