Did you see Joe Biden’s speech last night? If not, Google it. I’ve made no secret that Biden was far down my list of who I wanted to win the nomination, but I have to say his speech impressed me.

First, I think his message of unifying America under a calm and steady president is a winner, and he did it while still pitching stronger environmental policies and better health care.

Second, he delivered the speech without a teleprompter. That was significant because so many of his detractors are pushing the ugly theory that Biden has dementia. Sure Biden is gaffe-prone (although not nearly as gaffe-prone as Trump), but no one with dementia could have delivered the coherent, on-topic, speech that he did. Remember when Hillary Clinton’s detractors claimed that she had Parkinson’s disease? This is the same bullshit. While there is no telling what may happen down the road for any of the old white men who could be on the final presidential ballot, for now Biden is just fine.

That said, I’m eager to see who Biden picks as his running mate. I’m positive he will pick a woman, and I would put money on that woman being Kamala Harris. The reason is that Kamala will run circles around Pence in a debate (can he even be alone with her on stage?), and with her being both black and a woman, the vice-presidential pick gets a twofer in demographics. And here’s a thought to put a smile on your face: imagine Biden’s first State of the Union Address, with the VP and Speaker chairs behind him occupied by a black woman and a white woman. It will be awesome!