Marty’s photo of the day #3103: Throughout our marriage, Deb and I have done some crazy things on the spur of the moment—from suddenly deciding to move to Montana to suddenly deciding to travel all seven continents for my first book—but one of the craziest happened the night I introduced Deb to the Dutch band Within Temptation by streaming a concert for her that was filmed in Belgium. After the show, Deb speculated how amazing it would be to hear that “wall of sound” in-person. The next thing you know, we bought tickets to see Within Temptation in concert (which took place a year-ago-today), and we were off to Italy! Well, actually, we purchased tickets a year in advance, since the band sells out all over Europe. The concert was awesome, and while the group sometimes performs huge concerts with a full orchestra, the one we saw in Italy was in a club about the size of First Avenue in Minneapolis. If you’d like to see a sample of what is arguably the best live band in the world today, click here:–w2H-bE