Marty’s photo of the day #3111: “I know windmills very much. I have studied it better than anybody.”—Donald Trump, IMPOTUS

Trump’s latest moronic statement sent me searching through my photos for this picture of my very yellow rental car next to a newly built windmill blade. I took the photo when I performed “Around the World in 90 Minutes” at Cloud County Community College in Kansas. The college has its own wind farm and teaches courses in wind technology. Trump, who is against any form of energy that doesn’t pollute, also likes to pretend he is concerned about windmills killing eagles (though we all know he’d eat eagles for breakfast if they were Kentucky Fried). When I was at the college, some of the staff took me out to dinner and I asked about bird kills. The truth is that bird kills happen, but are blown out of proportion. That’s because wind farm locations are carefully studied before approval and are located away from migration routes.