There are many groups you can blame for the tragedy of the 2016 election. You can blame white men, Bernie-or-Busters, evangelical Christians, etc. Actually, the election was so close that if a majority of even one group of people saw the light, Trump would be back in New York making passes at Ivanka and bankrupting some company.

Of those groups, I fit into the white male group (bad on us!), and the group that upsets me the most are the Bernie-or-Busters, because even though Hillary was closer to their values than Trump, they behaved like children and refused to vote for her. And, unfortunately, I see signs that they will repeat their childishness if the upcoming primaries don’t go their way.

That said, the one group that truly held power in the 2016 election was women. According to Rutgers University, there were 83.8 million women registered to vote vs. 73.8 million men. Undoubtedly, the ratio will be similar for the 2020 election.

So women, it’s totally within your power to kick the asses of men in politics. Please do so! The world will be a better place, and fringe groups, like the Bernie-or-Busters and conservative Christian cultists, won’t stand a chance of fucking things up either.

All it takes is a little more unity. That means finding a way to reach the type of woman my wife, Deb, encountered when she ran for the Montana State Senate. Those women told her, “I just vote how my husband tells me to vote.”