At Thursday’s Donald Trump rally in Michigan, the classy, thoughtful, intelligent, Jesus loving audience expressed appreciation that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was fighting to give them better health care, better education, and a better environment.

Who am I kidding? They actually expressed love for their cult leader, and when encouraged by Greasy Son of Cult Leader, broke into a chant of “AOC sucks!”

Meanwhile, at an MSNBC town hall, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did the opposite and shut down a heckler who called former Republican congressman Bob Inglis a “moron.”

Why is that Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Franklin Graham, and Mike Pence all think that God cheers on Trump and his cult of deplorables, but is appalled when AOC refuses to take the side of greed, or when Michelle Obama dares to say, “When they go low, we go high.” Republicans—you have one fucked up God!