So Robert Mueller, a registered Republican, and Donald Trump’s own Republican attorney general, William Barr, apparently couldn’t find a reason to charge Donald Trump with colluding with Russia during the 2016 election. Now Republicans, including the crybaby himself, are demanding an apology.

What if the president under investigation had been Obama and the people who cleared him were a registered Democrat special prosecutor and a Democratic Obama-appointed attorney general? With 100% certainty, we know that the Republicans would scream from the mountaintops and froth spewing from the mouths of Fox News commentators would reach such epic levels that the network would have to install in-studio sump pumps to keep their employees from drowning.

Here’s my opinion on the Mueller Report: I believe that Trump was too stupid to knowingly collude with the Russians. Sure, he colluded, but he did it unwittingly and under the control of his puppet master Vladimir Putin. Mueller knows this and didn’t want to come out publicly and say that the face of the GOP and the cult leader to the far-right was just too stupid and too out of his league to intentionally do such a thing.

Obviously, unintentional crimes are still crimes. And maybe, just maybe, the prosecutors at the Southern District of New York will give the world the Trump Sr. and Trump Jr. perp walk it yearns for. That said, when you consider Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder, humiliating America’s most evil president with a landslide defeat in 2020 will actually hurt him much more than a jail sentence, which would allow him to scream, “I am the greatest martyr the world has ever seen!”