Marty’s photo of the day #2820: This morning I spotted a skinny dog on a country road, a few miles from my house. When I stopped the car, she came running up to me, shivering. Her tags identified her as “Roxanne” from Missoula, 45 miles away. I called the number on the tag and reached voice mail. Rather than just leave Roxanne wandering about, I brought her home and fed her a big meal. She was the friendliest little dog, and I was prepared to adopt her, if she had been dumped and no one got back to me.

A half hour or so later, Roxanne’s owner called. Apparently the woman had moved to a couple miles away from my house, and Roxanne was just out for a neighborhood walkabout. The two were soon reunited. So while there had been no need for me to pick up Roxanne, I would have felt guilty if I ignored any shivering dog, in 7 degree weather. And Roxanne got an extra meal out of the deal. Now of course, the song Roxanne will be stuck in my head all day. But not the version with The Police singing. Instead it’s Eddie Murphy in the movie 48 Hours. Aargh!