Marty’s photo of the day #2748: Greetings from Seattle! Never in my wildest dreams did I think Deb and I would be here today. Our early morning United Airlines flight out of Milan, Italy was cancelled at the last moment. So instead of taking United Airlines from Milan to Newark to Denver to Missoula, we ended up on British Airways from Milan to London to Seattle and then, eventually, Horizon Air to Missoula. We now have a five hour layover in Seattle. In all, I think the reroute added about three hours of flight time and six hours total to our trip. So basically we get 20+ hours of airplane fun. Oh, well! At least we’ll get home.

This is the huge castle above the town of Angera, Italy that Deb and I tried to sneak into yesterday. The castle was closed for winter renovations, but we tried our best to not let that stop us. It turns out that castles are quite effective at keeping unwanted people out. Who knew?