Hey Republicans! Did you see that your cult leader, Donald “The Slow Mass Murderer” Trump is trying to roll back yet another Obama-era environmental regulation? This time his administration is proposing to loosen the regulation on mercury, since it’s “too expensive to industry.”

Yes, the man you voted for, because his stance against abortion allowed you to pretend to be Christian, thinks that efforts to save lives and reduce brain damaged caused by mercury poisoning are not worth the cost. Now, I wouldn’t criticize you for being hypocritical if you had backed off early in Trump’s reign of terror and said, “Whoa! Trump was a mistake and we must replace him.” But no, you bastards still enthusiastically support the man. It will take countless years to know just how many millions of people the Trump administration ultimately slow murdered and maimed, but do know that the affected lives are on your shoulders too. Yeah, and many of you even claim Donald Trump was “ordained by God.” Some god you have!