Tiny Trump* is coming to Montana for the fourth time to campaign against Senator Jon Tester. Only two weeks ago, he was in Missoula; now he’s going to Bozeman. Additionally, he’s sent Mike Pence here twice and Tiny Trump Jr. has practically lived in Montana for the last several months.

Montana is a sparsely populated state of just over one million people. In the past, presidential visits here were rare occurrences. Never has a president come to the state four times in just a few months, much less that many times during their entire presidency.

Why is Tiny Trump doing this? A vendetta, of course. Senator Jon Tester stood up for military veterans and opposed Trump’s nomination to promote Ronny Jackson from White House Physician to Secretary of Veterans Affairs (due to Jackson’s excessive drinking and handing out prescription drugs like candy). When Jackson withdrew rather than answer to the well-sourced accusations, Trump took it personally.

At this moment Jon Tester leads Matt Rosendale by three points, and if Tester wins, it will show the world what a loser Trump is. (Hey, Trump! We already know you’re a loser.) So because Trump can’t bear such a public loss, he’s coming back again—and at great expense to the people of Montana.

If Jon Tester wins, which I think he will, the win will be especially satisfying. And if there is a bright side to Trump’s Montana rallies, it’s that he always goes off-the-rails here more than he does anywhere else. Tiny hasn’t chosen an exact date for visit number four, but you can be sure that he will say something outrageous here that the world will be talking about the next day.

*Thanks to Stormy Daniels for the “Tiny” nickname.