Big news for both Time Is Irreverent and the sequel, Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again!:

I just received word that Time Is Irreverent will be reviewed in the next issue (Oct/Nov) of Free Inquiry magazine. This is huge! If you’re not familiar with the magazine, it’s the publication from the Center for Inquiry, and Richard Dawkins is one of the senior editors and columnists. I haven’t seen the review yet, but the editor who wrote the review told me he thought my novel was a “hoot,” so I expect a positive piece.

Last night I finished the manuscript for Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again! and sent it to my editor. I’m thrilled with the novel but tired of all the rewrites (more than three thousand hours worth). I look forward to some time away from the book. That is, until the manuscript comes back from my editor and I go through it again.

For those wondering: In Jesus Christ, Not Again! Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon will return to AD 31 after the timeline change from their first adventure is reversed. This time they bring Jesus Christ back to the year 2020 with them. As you can imagine, Jesus and today’s conservative Christians will not see eye-to-eye. Twisty, snarky comedy will ensue.