Imagine if the United States had an egomaniacal president who thought he was smart enough to drop nuclear bombs here and there without negative consequences. What if you could go back to AD 31 and present the people of Galilee with a new liberal version of the Ten Commandments? How would that affect our culture and values today? Would someone who was more qualified to be a cult leader than a president be able to get elected in this new timeline?
Those questions and more will be answered in my new science-fiction political-satire, Time Is Irreverent. To whet your appetite I’m going to post some of the commandments over the next few days.
Also, here’s how you can win a free copy of Time Is Irreverent:
When Donald Trump got elected, my way of dealing with the tragedy was to create my own world, where time travel became an option for giving “President Handley” a career change and dealing with a futuristic United States that had become a strict theocracy. For roughly 3,500 hours, I got to hide in my manuscript with Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon as they crossed the United States on an epic road trip in a 1959 Thunderbird convertible, and travel from 2056 to the time of Christ. I’ve never had so much fun as an author! And now it’s time for my labor of love to leave my laptop and help my readers escape reality, in a delightful adventure.
With traditional publishers, a finished manuscript can take a year or more to become a book. Because of the timeliness of my subject, I didn’t want to wait that long. Therefore I’ve entered it in the Kindle Scout program. If I win an Amazon publishing contract, the book will be out in early 2018. Most importantly, I will have the incredible marketing muscle of Amazon behind my book. That can mean the difference between a book that does just okay and one that shoots up the charts.
Winners of Kindle Scout campaigns are ultimately determined by the editorial staff at Amazon, but votes from Kindle Scouts can help sway their decision. If you have an Amazon account, you can instantly become a Kindle Scout. Please go to this link and vote for Time Is Irreverent:
Your reward for voting is that you will receive a free Kindle copy of my book if I win and get it one week before it goes on-sale to the general public.
Even if you don’t read on Kindle, I hope you will vote for Time Is Irreverent. The book will also be available in traditional print format, later in 2018.
Thank you!
Marty Essen