Marty’s photo of the day #2315: Deb and I are back from seeing Goldfrapp in Seattle. I have a concert DVD of the band performing in front of a huge crowd in London and have seen numerous other videos of them in large concert situations. Seeing them in a nightclub was an entirely different experience. The show was backlit and fog-filled, making a crisp photo—even from up close—impossible. But the artsy lighting added mystique to the show, as Alison Goldfrapp worked the entire stage nonstop, in virtual silhouette. The sound was amazing, albeit so loud that it actually caused my digital watch to malfunction and lock-up. And my question as to whether Goldfrapp could draw in the United States was answered with a packed, standing-room-only dancefloor of more than one thousand people. In all, it was an amazing show. While Goldfrapp is much bigger in Europe than they are in the United States, the rock-the-house-down nightclub version we got here was arguably better than the somewhat lighter and brighter version people get overseas. What a fun way for Deb and me to celebrate our anniversary!