Marty’s photo of the day #2267: I’m posting this photo while travelling across eastern Montana, on my way home. Deb is driving. For the last few days she and I have been staying at Yak Ridge Cabins, a little south of Rapid City. The reason for the trip was the 60th wedding anniversary for her parents, and it served as a halfway point for family who lived in Minnesota and family who lived in Montana.

The animal in this photo is a yak. To me yaks are what you get if you cross a cow with a musk ox and a horse (they have beautiful horse-like tails). The people who run the cabins have a small herd of yaks. During the day, the yaks have 100 acres to roam, but in the evening they come to the farm house for snacks. This is a year-old male, and he is still quite wild and frightened of people. He was just leaving the corral, to head back out to pasture, when he spotted me, too scared to go forward. I took this photo and then backed off. He was sooo adorable! I will have more yak photos in the coming days.