When my wife, Deb, ran for the Montana State Senate several years ago, I did exit polling to get a feel for whether or not she would win. It was a rainy day, so it was easy to bundle up and make sure no one would recognize me. When I counted just the people who were courteous enough to answer me, Deb was doing okay. But when I took all of the people who were rude to me and refused to answer and assumed that they were Republican, it became obvious that Deb was going to lose. I went home and told Deb the bad news. Later, my unscientific polling method of putting the rude people in the Republican column proved accurate.

I find it so interesting that the vast majority of Republicans claim to be Christian and vote on “Christian issues,” yet they vote for filthy rich “kick ‘em in the face” thugs like Donald Trump and Greg Gianforte. How do they reconcile that?

I don’t care what religion people believe or don’t believe, but I am totally perplexed at why the majority of Christians vote the exact opposite of what their religion teaches them. Is it that they can go to church the next Sunday, take communion, and start on Monday with a clean plate to fill up with bigotry, hate, and environmental destruction?

Here in Montana, that Greg Gianforte choked, punched, and body slammed a reporter had virtually no effect on voters. In fact, as proven through both press interviews and comments I’ve heard myself, Montana’s Republican voters loved what Gianforte did—especially because he did it to a “liberal reporter.”

Today’s Republican voters display the same traits as someone caught up in a cult. Somehow, before the next election, we need to figure out how to do some serious deprogramming.