Marty’s photos of the day #3673: On February 12, 2020, I got my hair cut in preparation for a college show in New Jersey. At the time, I had no idea how hard the COVID-19/Trump pandemic would hit, and that following that show, I would be switching to performing at colleges via Zoom. After that show, I practiced social distancing and vowed not to get my hair cut until I got my COVID-19 vaccination. I received my two Moderna shots in April/May but didn’t get a haircut because my wife, Deb, liked the new longer hair. Also, I knew if I got it cut, I’d never have the patience to go through the awkward stage to grow it long again.

Well, Friday—after 17 months—I finally got my hair cut. I never could perfect putting my hair into a ponytail, and I got tired of it getting in my eyes and mouth whenever I did something active. Nevertheless, I left my hair much longer than I used to wear it. It seems like a good compromise. Besides, my father kept his hair in the same crewcut his entire life, and long ago I swore I wouldn’t be like him. So now I have my third hairstyle within the past two years.

FYI: I took these photos by putting my camera on the railing in my outdoor office and setting it on timer mode. This morning, as I was taking the shorter hair photo, a large deer decided to walk by a short distance out from us. Nellie was intently watching the deer, ready to defend me, “should it attack.”