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Impeachment hearings: Fox News vs. MSNBC

While watching the impeachment hearings last night, I did a little switching back and forth between MSNBC and Fox News. Conservatives often justify Fox News by saying, “Well, the libtards have MSNBC.” But there really is a difference. For instance, unlike Fox News, MSNBC actually vets their stories and will come back with a correction if they get something wrong. Last night the differences couldn’t be more visible.

On MSNBC the impeachment hearings were aired live, with only occasional narration by the MSNBC hosts to explain technicalities, such as hearing rules, the identity of a person, or where people were going when they stepped through a specific door. On Fox News, however, the network had to protect their cult following from facts and arguments that hurt their Supreme Cult Leader. Therefore, Fox News viewers only saw strategically edited, out-of-context clips, interspersed with sarcastic commentary from their hosts. Evil has no shame.

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