When Deb and I moved to Montana in 1996, we experienced record snowfall our first winter. We live at the foot of a mountain and have a long gravel driveway. Figuring “all Montana winters must be like this,” I went out and bought a snowblower. Fast forward to this winter, and in 23 years, I have used my snowblower only about a dozen times. Um . . . make that 14 times. Yesterday, we got about 18 inches of snow, and even with the snowblower, it took me two-and-a-half hours to do the job. Then, this morning, I woke up to another foot of snow, so out I went again to do the driveway. Needless to say pretty much every muscle in my body is saying “enough of this shit!” And while I was doing all that work, Martyman was having a grand time burying Donald Trump in one of the snowbanks.