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The fastest animal in the Western Hemisphere (disputed)

Marty’s photo of the day #3722: I expected to see pronghorn everywhere in the American Prairie Reserve, but instead they were a rare sighting. I attribute that more to bad luck than to the lack of animals. Pronghorn can run a little over 50 mph, making them the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere.

Likewise, Nellie is by far the fastest dog Deb and I have ever adopted. So when I spotted these pronghorn, and snuck up on them, Nellie had to stay back with Deb—complaining the whole time, “Don’t believe what you’ve read. I am the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere! Just let me go and I’ll prove it!”

Alas, at least in Nellie’s mind, the crown for the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere is a disputed one.

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