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If the GOP gets its way, science-fiction comes true

In Time Is Irreverent, my Trump-like character, President Handley, manipulates the system to turn America into a theocracy and become Supreme Leader for Life. In real life, the attorney general of Texas (joined by 17 red states) has filed a Supreme Court lawsuit to overturn Biden’s victories in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The chances are slim that the Republicans will prevail, but if by some miracle they are successful, what I wrote back in 2016 as science-fiction will promptly become a reality.

Americans must never forget that in 2020 the Republicans were willing to toss aside democracy for power and greed. All those who support the GOP’s traitorous actions have no right to fly the American flag.

And, unlike in Time Is Irreverent, there are no time-traveling aliens to help protagonists Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon jump back in time to fix things.

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