Marty’s photo of the day #3207: Those who regularly follow my posts know about all the far-right Republicans that live within a few miles of Deb’s and my house. We do have one liberal family a quarter mile away from us, however, and the husband, Aaron, and I do most of the maintenance on our steep gravel road. For years we shared sanding duties, and then last year he bought a plow for his four-wheeler, which left more sanding for me but saved everyone on our road the cost of hiring an outside snow-removal service. Aaron loves “playing tractor,” and last year after he refused payment, I got him to accept a gift of beer and gas instead. This photo from last night shows me bringing Aaron an even better gift for this year’s plowing: beer and toilet paper!

And if you are wondering, Deb and I maintained social distancing by yelling for Aaron, setting the gifts in his driveway, and stepping back. Aaron, incidentally, is employed at Rocky Mountain Labs, where scientists are working day in night on COVID-19. Who would have guessed that such an important project was taking place right here in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley?